the rice farm


Since the rice is grown without fertilizers or agricultural chemicals at the rice farm, one of its characteristics is a taste free of any sharp flavors, however the staff at work here are all truly distinctive and sharp individuals.
Ever member of the rice farm team has their own unique personality, and it's even a bit vague who is and isn't an employee.

Tomohiro Deguchi: Representative Director 
Serves as the rice farm's representative. Quit his job out of love for rice and started this rice export business. Representative of the Wakka Group, which has expanded to retail sales in 5 major bases over a 10-year period. Also the father of 3 daughters. Sometimes drinks too much.

Shige: Head Farmer 
College classmate of Representative Deguchi. A mountaineer who has taken several climbing trips to Alaska by himself. Good with machinery as well, and serves as the mechanic in charge of all the equipment at the rice farm. Seems like a good driver, but his car is all dented up.

Hosoya: General Manager
The only doctoral researcher in Japan on research on natural cultivation. The doctoral dissertation "Nitrogen Cycle and Yield Establishment Mechanism in Naturally Cultivated Paddy Fields" has many access in internet.

Fukiko: Chef
A cook who has experience of rice balls shop in Japan and Taiwan. She is also called rice ball master because she can make exquisite rice balls, and she can also make sushi. A super lady who can do both farming and cooking, called “the most working woman in Hase” by local people.

Kazuki: Fashion Leader
A physiotherapist from the local Hase district of Ina, where the rice farm is located. He is called a fashion leader because of the fashionable technique of wearing a scarf.

Papa: Head Grass Cutter
The father-in-law of the representative director. Undertake mowing to maintain the scenery of the rice farm. He is responsible about health and safety management.

Kurata: Manager of Part-Time Workers
Graduate student of local Shinshu University. Even he is a part time worker, he works as the same as an employee. He has a tough mentality such as sleeping on a futon full of mites during his investigation in Nepal.

Morita: Head Seed Planter
He works for a trading company. Even though he is not an employee, he is responsible for important work from sowing seeds to civil engineering. Impressive and positive personality.

Fukuda: A student at Shinshu University. He is a lucky man who always comes to work when there is a feast, even though he works only a few days per month.

the rice farm
the rice farm
the rice farm