the rice farm

Rice varieties


Rice variety grown exclusively for brown rice with a germ 3x the size of other standard varieties.
This functional food is distinctive for having 3x the nutrients in each grain (vitamins B and E, dietary fiber, GABA, etc.), and is praised for having a light flavor for a brown rice. It was discovered in 1988 when a rice farmer named Akihiro Matsushita stumbled upon a Koshihikari mutation by chance, and it is a rare variety with just 5 approved producers in Japan as of 2019.


Rice variety grown exclusively for white rice created by combining two Hokkaido varieties, "Hoshi no Yume" and "Sasashigure."
Has a distinctive silky texture and light flavor. Ideal for sushi and other dishes which combine rice with other foods.

Shiroge Mochi

A native rice variety of Nagano's Kamiina region. Glutinous rice that goes down smooth and produces rice cakes so good they're said to be "beyond compare with any other variety."
Because the harvest is small and cultivation is difficult due to plants susceptibility to being toppled by typhoons, the number of farmers producing this variety has dropped significantly, but it still has a lot of fans for its excellent flavor.

the rice farm
the rice farm